Lightbulb Moment.

It's been eternity since I've blogged. I wont apologize, I didnt miss it! It was a nice break and although I still have a love and passion for all things decor, I've taken on a very very different career path. This remains a hobby, but this year I've realized a lot of things about myself, and being true to me. Dont get me wrong, I'm still taking on clients and am loving every one of you! But the days of obsessing over the newest releases and sales are gone. I dont even read other blogs anymore.

I've realized to truly go with my gut. Not paying attention to trends and what is in. For years you saw me updating dressers and lots of mixing old with the new and bringing old things back to life. That's just truly not me anymore. Gone with that phase of my life! I'm contemporary, I like clean, straight lines and no clutter. 5 feet away from me in a 70's gold lamp that I bought at a garage sale a few years back, and I laugh, because it's just not me. In fact, it makes me want to take a bat to it. I had hoped to age it somehow, or, honestly I dont even remember. It sits there gathering dust because I dont even turn it on. Does this mean I'm purging my house of all things vintage? No. I'm not going all crazy, I havent completely lost my mind. Will I get rid of some ish though? You bet your sweet ass I am.

I havent bought much for the home this year. I honestly dont even remember the last time I bought a home decor item ( probably the west elm duvet, in the post below ) it just hasnt been a priority. I lost interest for a hot second and with this new job, I just havent had the time. So every purchase I make from here on out will be seriously thought over. Am I buying this because it's hot right now? Am I buying it because it's going to change the direction of the room? Am I buying this out of habit? If I'm on the fence about anything, I wont buy it. I encourage you to do the same. Every single item I've ever debated about, I've regretted and returned or sold.

Moving on.

Here's my latest purchase. I've looked forever for a new chandelier that gives off decent light. I took the plunge and my next post will be the review.

New West Elm Duvet Review

My last duvet, I had for about 10 years. It was a Hotel Collection Jacquard from Macys. Unfortunately I had gone to bed several times with Olive Oil/Aloe Vera on my legs and it stained over time, no amount of detergent or pre treatment could save it. I had been eyeing this one West Elm duvet for the last year but couldn't quite justify the price. Once my duvet got so hideous that I'd leave it on the floor, I knew it was time. Plus the West Elm one went on sale and I had a10% off coupon.

I'm pretty pleased with the quality. It's a lot thinner than I'm used to, but I'm realizing how much fluffier my bed looks and feels. My other duvet was very heavy and weighed down my down comforter.

The color is flax ( they also have a onyx and blue on sale ) 

And a side note, that candle? Smells like man. It's Black Tie from Bath and Body Works and it's like a sexy cologne. I cannot get enough.

DIY Oversized Print and Frame // Under $10!

Laundry room updates are coming along swimmingly. The paint is done ( was a grass green accent wall ) It's a large room that hasnt been completely utilized in the way it should so I'm building and adding shelves, that'll be in the next post. This corner has a large blank wall that needed a not so serious art piece, because next to it are the beach towels, and below is the recycling bin and cat door.

This little project cost very little, here are the supplies you'll need:

$.96 Furring Board Strip ( 1x2x8 ) - You can have the guys at your hardware store cut it for you
Screw Eyes

For the oversized print, take a high quality photo, upload it to and choose a Engineering Print. Size is up to you, I chose the largest, which is 36x48. It cost $7.79.

I had my furring strip cut into two 38" pieces, so a couple inches longer than the width of my photo.

First I made a pilot hole to make it easier to screw in the screw eyes.

I then laid the board down and was so eager to staple, I didnt measure the placement on the board. So learn from my mistake. Make sure you have equal amount of board hanging off the end before stapling. Then put a good amount of staples in the board.

This is what it should look like when done ( ignore the pliers, they were from repairing my mistake )
Add rope or twine or whatever you've got layin around ( otherwise you can have it cut for a buck  at the hardware store )

I'm quite pleased with the final product.

Not too fancy and just contemporary enough for a laundry/mud room!
Next up shelving for the other part of the room. Cheers!

Black Walls! Take the Leap!

Hello! I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas! I sure did, and feel excited for 2015. I took the leap and painted my laundry room partially black a couple years ago, and I'm so glad I did. Next week I'll be posting about the newest laundry room makeover and additions. In the meantime, check out these great spaces with bold black! 

                                                  (apartment therapy above and below )

                                                 ( above )
                                                        ( above )

( )

My Christmas Decor on the Cheap

Trader Joes Boxwood Wreath $9.99 ( If you have a method on how to preserve it, please email me! )

Deer Figurines from Michaels, Snow and Trees from the Dollar Store

Christmas Banner was made my a friend, I just trimmed it with glitter, this is something you could DIY, otherwise Etsy has them too!

This was a lantern I got on clearance in the summer time, all the figurines are from a thrift store plus Dollar Tree snow and Trees

I added fun big frosted bulbs from Target to the tree this year, to add more light and whimsy.

 I finally tossed my old garland that had seen better days and got 9ft garland for $3 at Michaels.


DIY Dollar Store Christmas Advent Calendar

I started doing an advent calendar a few years ago, instead of doing stockings ( I wish I could do both, but frankly it's a lot of work, and money! ) and I had this pretty mirrored advent box from Target that was just lovely. However, I now have two daughters and the box holes are tiny. So if I wanted to just put 2 hershey kisses in each box, I'd be set. But no, I like to make it complicated and do a bit more than that.

I had the plan in my head, and off to Dollar Tree I went. 
I gathered:

1 Bag of Brown Paper Bags(40)- $1
1 Bag of Clothespins- $1
1 Tube of Silver Glitter - $1
( I had twine, mod podge and paint at home..but you could gather up: 
Red/White Striped Plastic Clothesline $1
Black Sharpie $1
Glue $1 )

I cut the paper bags to make them squatty, and painted the numbers on ( I didnt have a sharpie at the time, so I did it the long way ) I then acquired the help of my 6 year old to modge podge the clothespins and glitter them to death.

I then tied the string on the back of my chalkboard with small nails in place, filled the bags with Dollar Tree goodies, Target Dollar Spot stuff, activities and candy for both girls. Voila!

Some quick ideas for what to put in the bags:

Christmas Candy ( Chocolate/Pez Dispensers etc )
Matchbox Cars
Cookie Cutter with a note that you'll make cookies with them
Stickers ( for my girls I bought tiny ones for their nails )
Little Legos
Activity Cards ( look at christmas lights, give neighbors gifts, watch christmas movie etc )
Fake Money that they get to use on a selection of things
Fridge Magnets
Nail Polish

More cheap Christmas decor to come!

Steph's Gift Picks for the Bachelor Pad

Gift giving season is upon us ( insert me squealing ) so I will be adding a few gift picks over the next few weeks. This post is a shout out to all the dudes out there that have a bachelor pad. We cant forget about these guys! They need chic house stuff too, ya know.

Most of these products I have seen in person or used myself, so they're legit. The ice balls are so fun, I recently gave them as a gift paired with the wall mounted bottle opener. That candle? Smells like man. Mmmmm. The bathroom guest book is for a lil potty humor, along with more potty humor, Cards Against Humanity.

The small concrete and wood planters. Dont get me stawted ( said with a Jersey accent ) Nystrom Goods is actually based out of Boise, and I'm crazy about these planters. I plan on buying some for mah-self.

( and obviously, these gifts are great for anyone, but I was in a masculine mood tonight. Dont judge )

Untitled #2

Nautica cotton sheet set

H M bath towel
$11 -

3-Wick Candle Home Fragrance

Tech accessory


Nystrom Goods - Concrete Planter

Nystrom Goods Wood Planter

The Importance of the Rug. Do's and Dont's!

I had three people in one week, come to me with Rug conundrums, and therefore, I'm blogging about it! Buying a rug is not only a big decision, it's usually a big commitment. It's the first thing I choose when designing a room, as it is the thing that anchors the room. It's not a decision to make quickly or half heartedly, especially when it's a large area rug.

Lets get to it.

Problem: " I have a rug that I'm in love with, but it's too small for the space "

Solution: If it is a rug that you have your heart set on for that space ( and no where else in your home) then lets make it work, by layering.  Try buying a larger sisal rug ( preferably ) and layer with your favorite rug.

If your furniture is not sitting on your rug, then your rug is too small. This is a common mistake people make, and it shrinks the size of your room! Most are intimidated by buying large rugs, due to the prices, but there are some great resources for large rugs. You can also use the solution above for this problem, and buy a cheaper sisal rug and layer with a rug with color and pattern to top.

So this:

Not this:

Furthermore, I cant stress the importance of a rug. It anchors the room! I know you've heard that before, but do you really know? Do you? Look at the following real estate photos, that obviously need rugs. Obviously. ( ouch )

 Dont get me started on this room. Honestly, it'd be better off naked. This space needs 2 rugs to separate the dining and the living room. And those tables? Not sure whats going on there.

Clearly, needs anchor.


I need to stop, I'm getting a headache looking at these. I need to start my staging services for clueless realtors. Oye.

Favorite Inexpensive Rug Resources: