I was featured!

I got my moment in the spotlight in "The Nest" Magazine, the winter edition. Check it out. It's all bout our first home purchase :)

* the article will be available on thenest.com very soon*

I got free money.

Call me a nerd, and I may be flattered.
I have to share my latest insane deal. So I was on one of my favorite websites, in a forum and a deal popped up. It said get a $5 Sears card if you become a fan of Sears on Facebook. I, however am not a fan, BUT, I will not pass up the chance for a freebie. So I was bored along with another guy, and we challenged eachother to see how many times we could fill out the form to get the gift card ( as if we'd get more than one. ) Well I got bored after filling it out 16 times. I've done this sort of thing before and it never works, but whatever.
Last week, i got a STACK of individual white envelope. Every one had a $5 SEARS GIFT CARD IN IT. I got $80 free. I freaked out and tracked down that other guy who did it. He received over $500 in gift cards, they did not fit in his mailbox even. We were both freaking out laughing because it was obviously a computer error.
Love it. So now i'm selling them to get the cash. Ha.

Kids Company

Save BIG at Kids company right now..



In early January, Babycenter Store ( online ) is closing. Save big, go now, up to 70% off..including big ticket items

So I got a free printer...

I found a Canon all in one Printer on Circuit City.com
It was $99. Marked down to $49, I found a rebate for $50. Picked it up in store= FREE FREE FREE

I am giving it to my mom :)

Ok ready for this?

WhiskeyMilitia.com Is a super super website for all things snowboard/skate related, plus some random other things.

Money Saving Tips for the season!

Register with Live.com "cashback" program. I have already got $200!!! Because when you shop through live.com, you receive a certain percentage cashback, immediately!!!!


I highly recommend EBATES.com. You get $5 free just for signing up. Shop through them and you also get a percentage back.

Thanks to these two sites, I have saved hundreds on gifts this Christmas. Looove it.
Oh my! It's been a while since I blogged! I was having computer issues, so i bought a new Vaio today. yippee!

I want

This ottoman is on my want list. If you see it under $500, holler. This one is almost $2000.
Must be square, tufted with legs, and preferrably not leather, but a cotton or canvas. Lemme know by emailing me!!!


November 4th @ Starbucks, Receive a free Tall cup of coffee

Macys Boot Sale

Sweet Macy's Sale: I got these Alfani Boots in Black ( extended calf even! ) retail for $119 but were on sale for$89. Not bad! It gets better. I sold 2 coupons on ebay for $30 AND found an old Macy's gift card with $33. So I *really* only paid $26. Haha. From 119..gotta love that

Quick Tip!

When you are ordering from an online store, that also has a brick and mortar store, remember to ask if they will ship to the store for free. You can save hundreds when ordering big ticket items. I just ordered a huge rug from Crate and Barrel and saved big because I had them order it for me!


I know I usually dont post much about Baby deals, but I will start. I post about decor and general sales anyways, so why not, right?
I went to Babystyle and found these awesome blue cotton mary jane shoes for Bryn on clearance for $7 ! Originally $22. They are also online, and in other colors but those colors are full price.


( my entryway table )Fun decor on sale at Joanns right now! Mini pumpkins, gourds, garland..and there' s a couple 50% off coupons on the back of a magazine that you buy for $3 at checkout. Worth it! I also bought fabric for 50% off, i saved $45 on it!


Brynlee's new diaper bag $10...ebay.

Fabric Fabric Fabric

Heather Bailey and Amy Butler have amazingly cute fabric lines that I've followed for years. They are much more accessible now!
Fabric.com has great prices for them , just go to the site and search their names. AND you can usually find a coupon code for fabric.com. They do free returns as well! So great :)

Garage Sales

My Garage Sale Find was this cute lil Cane Chair for $10. It had a hideously ugly cream cushion on it. So my mom graciously made a new one out of special order fabric.

Joanns Special Orders

If you are into sewing, I challenge you to check out the custom order section at Joanns. I could get lost in there.
I found this goody at 50% plus my mom's crazy discount so I made drapes for the master bedroom with this fabric. I paid like $40 or so for the whole sha-bang.
The section has been 40% off for the last few weeks. Check it out!

My cheap, chic, laundry room office.


AFTERThis is actually a corner in our huge laundry room.
Here's the deals :

Pottery Barn Tablecloth $33 marked down from $70. I made it into a drape. ( 108x74inches )..matching window curtains, will post later.

Ikea Mikael Desk: $ 52 scratch and dent ( orig $75 i think )
Ikea Chair: $25 scratch and dent

Pottery Barn "Wayne System" on the wall: $60 clearance.. originally $375 not including tax and ship!!!

The rest I paid with coupons for, like getting 10% off here and there. But good deals.
We also got all new flooring put it and I got a deal on that due to a lowes coupon.

It pays to complain, nicely.

I'm so sick of seeing our bills go up for no reason whatsoever.
Our comcast internet bill went from $39, to $79 to $55.
The trick?
Call "retention." I just called them saying that I'm interested in other
companies now, because of my rates. They quickly said we'll see what
we can do. 4 minutes later I had a new rate of $36, instead of $55.

So I got on a roll.
I called PSE because they decided to charge me again for another deposit.
Every time I have moved, I get charged about $250. I think it's stupid.
I was very nice, and she simply removed it and gave me a credit of $45 on
top of it. Very nice.

I called Sprint.
Asked for retention.
I asked why my service discounts have suddenly disappeared, and why am I
paying $15 more than other months with no overcharges?
They said I am sorry for this, and gave me a discount of $15 per month and free

random thoughts

Some people express themselves through shoes, some through art, some through sports or whatever. I express myself through home decor.
For sometime now, I've had this thing in my head that says, "what if Nate Berkus came to my door today, what would he say about the house? " Well now that I'm addicted to watching "Flipping Out" I ask myself what would Jeff Lewis think? Like today, I had a random thought while I was wiping down the floorboards and vacuuming under rugs etc. I thought, Jeff Lewis would be proud. He's such a freak about details and I so appreciate that. I'm working SO hard not to get in bad habits around the house...like leaving dishes out, or just not picking up right away. One huge rule I have is that I do not want to have any box or closet in the house with just "random stuff" that I dont know what to do with. I am normal, and have a junk drawer. But only one. I'm constantly recycling things. If I'm over a blanket, or picture frame, I sell it, and get a new one straight up. I usually always sell something for more than I bought it for, because I got it on sale in the first place. So I'm always on top. I am constantly changing...but I'm always eclectic.
Just sharing random thoughts.

The new console

Here's a pic of the console/buffet that I bought ( posted below about the deal )


Look very closely. They are the same besides the color. I bought the top one at$499 from Overstock with free shipping and AND $50 off and the bottom one is $1599 plus a couple hundred for shipping/handling at Crate and Barrel. *pats self on the back *

My Steal of the Day

I paid less than you on this one. This Pottery Barn Stool ( Napolean Stool ) is $129. Also at Target, the same one is $99-119!
Well I've been looking for this style,( espresso legs, woven top ) trying not to spend more than $60 on each.
Totally went to Fred Meyer and found it, on sale for $29!!! ( Originally $49)When I got up to the cashier
she knocked off 10% more on each of them! Soo I got 2 for under $60. Woop Woop!

More Sales!!

Yep, Semi Annual sale for Bath and Body Works too! Check the website out. I stalked up on my soaps!

VS Sale

Victorias Secret Semi Annual Sale on now!!! Stalk up on those undies!


FireFly Frenzy Sale June 15th-21st

TONS of scrapbooking items that are 50-75% off ( i saw lots of things for .97 marked down from $5 ) as well as lots of fabric on sale, actually I think ALL fabric.

Here's a link to printable coupons just in case you find something NOT already on sale!

PB Maren Rug is here!

SO i saved $500 on the PB Maren Rug, by ordering it from Ebay. I had to get a 9x12, and it's on backorder til mid July anyways, so I lucked out with buying the last one available on ebay. Yippee!
I only paid $700 ...

AMC Free Movies!!


Regal Cinemas Free Movies

Free Movies for Kids in the Summer!


Express Fashion

Express is having a $10 and up sale. TONS of different types of t-shirts, tank tops, camis, dress tops, some skirts too. Time to stock up! ( Sale started this week )


NO TAX this Memorial Day weekend at Ikea! Take advantage :)

Java Log

So great! Actually made from coffee!

Twist and Spout!

Perpetual Kid: Elegantly simple, surprisingly useful, colorful and well-designed! We found this great new home accessory at the Housewares Fair in Milan where the young Swiss designer had just won a special Merit Award for its unique design and utility.

Twist & Spout fits virtually any soda or water bottle with a screw-on cap. Use the Garden style to create an instant watering can. Use the Kitchen style to make those big two-litr soda bottles easy to handle (and better looking too!). Aren’t they great!

Cute Table

Brocade Home Pedestal Table $199

Cool find

How cute is this? Lace Tape from Chocosho $12

Lookalike Chandeliers

Motif $269 ( above )
Z Gallerie $329 ( above )
The Real Deal $2145


Check out JCP.com and they have an online outlet, as well as closeout sales. Pretty crazy deals.
Also, rumor has it that the old Mervyns at South Hill Mall is going to be the JCP Furniture Store...so that'd be cool.
Use code "CRTANN8" for free ship over $49 or code "MARSURVY" for 15% off.

I also went to Pier 1 today and they were having a crazy clearance. I almost made away with 2 lamps but I came to my senses, since I have no room for them. Lost of 50,60 and 75% off items throughout the whole store!

Also, You can get a free 8x10 photo from Walgreens til May 7th ( hurry! ) by entering code "4mom" *note, you will likely get junk mail though, so i created a junk mail account from yahoo for times like this*

Victorias Secret: Code is: SP812193 - $10 off $50

That's all that i'm interested in for now :)

Trellis Print Wallpaper Available

I have to give credit for Jen V for finding this out!
Kelly Wearstler's Trellis Print is now available for wallpaper. I also saw it on an upholstered chair.
( i have pillows listed on my older posts )

VISA deals

Go here: http://www.lifetakesvisa.com/

Click on "deal finder"
and there are several merchants that give discounts
if you use your Visa.

LOWES coupon

Here is a link to a coupon for $10 off $25 when you use your VISA card at Lowes. Valid til 7/30/08!!



I have a link for the JCPenney Friends and Family event, a 20% off coupon, valid on nearly everything.


If you want to use online, use the code " CHAMP"

APRIL 20th from 11am-8pm

Wine Pulls

These are so fun!

Estate Vineyard Wine Opener ( At Home America ) $24.99
Wall Mounted Wine Pull ( Pottery Barn ) $54.99

Table Mounted Wine Pull $49.99 ( Pottery Barn )

Storage Trunks

Pottery Barn Westin Trunk $399 ( for one )

Trunk Storage Tables Set of 2 from Overstock $184.99

Campaign Beds

Steal of the day from Casa Sugar:

Anthropologie Italian Campaign Bed $1250-1898 ( BED A )
PB Teen Maison Campaign Bed $499-799 ( BED B )

Double Take

Pics from HGTV

$39,000 room
$1750 version:

To see where the savings are, take a look at this direct cost comparison of some Inspiration Room Items and the creatively comparable ones used in the Makeover Room:

Custom bedding, $1,200/ Shams, duvet cover, bolster, $170

Original "Dream" artwork, $150/ "Dream" artwork replica, $50

Custom carved walnut foot bench, $2,000/ Piano bench, $125

Mahogany side table, accessories, $4,370/ Inexpensive side table, $170

Wrought-iron side table, accessories, $3,350/ Glass table, accessories, $360

console table (Palermo), Asian stone hand sculpture, cotton drapery panels - Cost Plus
square planter - Target
vinyl letters for "Dream" artwork - TAP Plastics
Euro shams (Hotel Collection), suede duvet, clock - Macy's
cream sheet set, bed skirt - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Tivoli side table - Bombay Company
silver "trophy" vase, pill box - Broderick.com

Double Take

Inspiration Room $35,000
Knockoff Room under $3000

Moroccan Style Rugs

Apparently these rugs are hot right now...

West Elm Taksim Tile Rug $89-599

Ballard Designs Sahar Rug $79-729

Pottery Barn Moorish Tile Rug $149-799

Storage Baskets!

Baskets like these are great for under beds, in open shelving or cabinets with glass. Brings some texture to the room, instead of plain old canvas ( which can be great too sometimes...) or cardboard. Have fun!

World Market Seagrass Baskets $9.99!

CB2 has great open weave storage baskets! $14.95-19

Cute Stool Benches

Williams Sonoma Home X-Based Stool $695-1700 ( depends on material )Ballard Designs X-Bench $169-329