It pays to complain, nicely.

I'm so sick of seeing our bills go up for no reason whatsoever.
Our comcast internet bill went from $39, to $79 to $55.
The trick?
Call "retention." I just called them saying that I'm interested in other
companies now, because of my rates. They quickly said we'll see what
we can do. 4 minutes later I had a new rate of $36, instead of $55.

So I got on a roll.
I called PSE because they decided to charge me again for another deposit.
Every time I have moved, I get charged about $250. I think it's stupid.
I was very nice, and she simply removed it and gave me a credit of $45 on
top of it. Very nice.

I called Sprint.
Asked for retention.
I asked why my service discounts have suddenly disappeared, and why am I
paying $15 more than other months with no overcharges?
They said I am sorry for this, and gave me a discount of $15 per month and free

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