random thoughts

Some people express themselves through shoes, some through art, some through sports or whatever. I express myself through home decor.
For sometime now, I've had this thing in my head that says, "what if Nate Berkus came to my door today, what would he say about the house? " Well now that I'm addicted to watching "Flipping Out" I ask myself what would Jeff Lewis think? Like today, I had a random thought while I was wiping down the floorboards and vacuuming under rugs etc. I thought, Jeff Lewis would be proud. He's such a freak about details and I so appreciate that. I'm working SO hard not to get in bad habits around the house...like leaving dishes out, or just not picking up right away. One huge rule I have is that I do not want to have any box or closet in the house with just "random stuff" that I dont know what to do with. I am normal, and have a junk drawer. But only one. I'm constantly recycling things. If I'm over a blanket, or picture frame, I sell it, and get a new one straight up. I usually always sell something for more than I bought it for, because I got it on sale in the first place. So I'm always on top. I am constantly changing...but I'm always eclectic.
Just sharing random thoughts.

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