I got free money.

Call me a nerd, and I may be flattered.
I have to share my latest insane deal. So I was on one of my favorite websites, in a forum and a deal popped up. It said get a $5 Sears card if you become a fan of Sears on Facebook. I, however am not a fan, BUT, I will not pass up the chance for a freebie. So I was bored along with another guy, and we challenged eachother to see how many times we could fill out the form to get the gift card ( as if we'd get more than one. ) Well I got bored after filling it out 16 times. I've done this sort of thing before and it never works, but whatever.
Last week, i got a STACK of individual white envelope. Every one had a $5 SEARS GIFT CARD IN IT. I got $80 free. I freaked out and tracked down that other guy who did it. He received over $500 in gift cards, they did not fit in his mailbox even. We were both freaking out laughing because it was obviously a computer error.
Love it. So now i'm selling them to get the cash. Ha.


  1. Cool!
    Thanks for sharing. Gotta go login into Facebook now!

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