Garage Sales

My Garage Sale Find was this cute lil Cane Chair for $10. It had a hideously ugly cream cushion on it. So my mom graciously made a new one out of special order fabric.

Joanns Special Orders

If you are into sewing, I challenge you to check out the custom order section at Joanns. I could get lost in there.
I found this goody at 50% plus my mom's crazy discount so I made drapes for the master bedroom with this fabric. I paid like $40 or so for the whole sha-bang.
The section has been 40% off for the last few weeks. Check it out!

My cheap, chic, laundry room office.


AFTERThis is actually a corner in our huge laundry room.
Here's the deals :

Pottery Barn Tablecloth $33 marked down from $70. I made it into a drape. ( 108x74inches )..matching window curtains, will post later.

Ikea Mikael Desk: $ 52 scratch and dent ( orig $75 i think )
Ikea Chair: $25 scratch and dent

Pottery Barn "Wayne System" on the wall: $60 clearance.. originally $375 not including tax and ship!!!

The rest I paid with coupons for, like getting 10% off here and there. But good deals.
We also got all new flooring put it and I got a deal on that due to a lowes coupon.