Quick Tip!

When you are ordering from an online store, that also has a brick and mortar store, remember to ask if they will ship to the store for free. You can save hundreds when ordering big ticket items. I just ordered a huge rug from Crate and Barrel and saved big because I had them order it for me!


I know I usually dont post much about Baby deals, but I will start. I post about decor and general sales anyways, so why not, right?
I went to Babystyle and found these awesome blue cotton mary jane shoes for Bryn on clearance for $7 ! Originally $22. They are also online, and in other colors but those colors are full price.


( my entryway table )Fun decor on sale at Joanns right now! Mini pumpkins, gourds, garland..and there' s a couple 50% off coupons on the back of a magazine that you buy for $3 at checkout. Worth it! I also bought fabric for 50% off, i saved $45 on it!