Brynlee's Favorite Things ( my toddler )

Here's a quicky list of things my toddler ( and i ) adore at the moment.

1. Boon Flo ( water deflector )

2. She love her ocean wonders, has since she was brand new

3. Microplush Blanket, she loooooves hers

4. Milo Monkey from Babystyle..she carries this lil guy everywhere

5. Bumbo Seat...we STILL use this, in the *gasp* bathtub for quick baths.

6. Nuby Sippy Cups. They do not leak, and the straws/tops are soft and bendy

7. Leslie Patricelli Books..."Blankie" is Bryn's favorite.
I could go on and on, but these are the big essentials for now :)

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