Cuttin Back.

So the bills have been a bit overwhelming lately, I'll be honest. I'm an open book when it comes to money, and lately I feel like I've been spending more than I should on things like clothes and eating out, and most importantly home decor *blushes*

So I went through the bills and started making phone calls. I have found that EVERY time I call a company, say Sprint for instance, and act as if I am canceling, OR say that Verizon has a better deal, you will get a hefty discount. I do this every other month with ALL utilities. Yes, every other month. I have a $35 discount a month on Sprint now.

Remember when you signed up for Comcast or Direct Tv ( or whoever your cable provider is ) and the price was only good for 6 months? Not true most the time. Be persistant and you should be able to keep that low price. Comcast tried to jack me up from $24 internet to $45, and I said no way. So they lowered it. Lots of companies are being a bit more merciful these days.

Did you know you can negotiate your water bills? How about electric? In most cases, yes you can.
I nicely complain about the stupid fees they charge, and they usually knock them off. Being mean does not get you anywhere, so be friendly and firm, and you should get some discounts.

I'm excited for spring cleaning and plan on a garage sale next month to clean house of old decor that I no longer need. Feel free to post on your money saving tips.

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