Shadowbox project

So living in an old home, you find all sorts of goodies. I found these skeleton keyplates ( dated 1886) buried in the garage and i LOVE them, so i just framed in them a shadowbox for the entryway. If you dont have these, and like the look, checkout ebay or google skeleton keyplates and you'll find them. You could also frame the skeleton keys, which is my next project!

Captain's Mirrors

The (above ) mirror is from Pottery Barn for $249. I have seen this in person and it's magnificent. It's so big and bold above a dresser. Love it alot.

Leather Hanging Mirror from Home Decorators for $79

Mason Jar Dispensers

Mason Jar Dispensers and salt and pepper shakers I LOVE these!!! Also from At Home America ..

Fruit Basket

Good find for cheap, could pass for an antique too..for 7.99 from At Home America

I'm Flipping Out.

My heart skipped a bit when I found out Flipping Out Season 3 ( Bravo ) will be back this summer. I'm in love with Jeff Lewis' either love him or hate him and I totally LOVE HIM and his brain. Also, his partner Ryan Brown, whom I also admire greatly, has a great blog you should check out...

My $60 swing!!

Eeeee! I'm in love with my porch now! $60 swing from online, $10 in black spray paint! ( that's my husband and daughter )

Somethin for the boys

I was reminded tonight that i have male readers as well, so here's some rooms that are nice on the eyes for the guys too :)
Obviously leather is masculine, plaid and stripes can be as well. In one of the pics there are photos of old architectural buildings/drawings in frames ( ebay would be a good source ), chunky lamps, shag/zebra rugs, and BIG art. For the bedroom, big/tall headboards are awesome ( even the upholstered button tufted type ), try suitcases stacked up or old trunks for side tables..for kitchens try putting down a slab of concrete for an island countertop, and stainless steel pendant lamps, they even make stainless steel back chairs. I could go on and on


Thank you to my fabulous readers! And those who link me in your blogs. I'm so flattered. I thought for sure I had like 3 readers, which was fine, I'd still blog! But thanks to Jen V, I got this thing called statcounter, so fascinating! I have over 200 NEW readers this week, and over 80 returning visitors. Gosh that's motivation for me to get into gear and dig for more deals! But thanks again, I'd appreciate any feedback of what you want to see more of or less of on this site.

Malang Settee

Another awesome deal via Pier One clearance is this settee, which would look fine as is, but would look even better if you just made a cushion with a bold pattern. This is only $199, down from $399!

Bonaparte Console Table

Pier One has a stellar deal on this awesome table, which i love. For $39!!! ( clearance )

Porch Swing Deal!

I've been wanting a porch swing since we moved into our house almost a YEAR ago. They arent cheap though...until today! has them for $42!!!!!!!!!! Natural Wood, ready to stain. Shipping to my house is $19
Hurry up...these will sell out


Same table. Different Stores.
Target and Urban Outfitters $60. This table started out at Pottery Barn for over $150

New Towels

My towels suck. I bought them like 5 years ago, Wamsutta from Bed Bath and Beyond. They got pretty thin, pretty fast, and never had that plump value I longed for. So I sucked it up and bought new towels. My lesson is I'll never buy colored towels again because of stupid bleach accidents :)

I'm recommending you buy "Royal Velvet" from BBB. They are $9.99 and just use your BBB coupons to get the 20% off ( you can use multiple )
They are sooo soft and plump, and so far, after 4 washes, they are good as new. I'm loving them. 24 colors for those who want to venture out.


Rumor has it that Target is now price-matching...
stay tuned, I'm going to investigate.

Decor Website

GrandinRoad is another good site I came across..and they have an outlet. Even better.

Cool or Freaky?

Tree Railing...

Pretty Entryways

Good idea

How cute is this space? You could do something similiar, just take off those ugly closet doors
pick a darker shade then your walls and put a bench in there. I personally dont hang my kiddo's clothes up, it goes in the armoire or dresser, so I wouldnt need the closet space.