I have fir wood floors. They are a pain in my arss to clean, I cannot keep up with them. I have dust bunnies the size of my head, and a toddler to add to the madness. Swiffer has not impressed me in the least bit. Between the prices of the refills, and the weakness of the whole system, I just dont like it.
So i bit the bullet and bought Bona. Say that 5 times.
Bona is a life saving floor cleaning system to me. It was $39 ( then used 20% off at BBB ) comes with the "mop", cleaner, and microfiber pad, that you can throw in the washing machine! Talk about saving money. I also bought the fluffy duster that just attaches to the mop. My floors are so clean now, and I actually like cleaning them.

So here ya go:

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  1. This is great! My husband hates the swiffer, it really is a horrible item and we keep buying ones that don't work. I am gonna show him this tonight. I was trying to follow this blog but it's not working. Do you have that option disable?