I'm addicted to Craigslist.
Lately, I've been making a killing on old furniture.
What do I mean?
I've been finding free, or NEARLY free ( $15 or less ) Dressers or Chairs, touching
them up ( sometimes i dont even have to ) and turning around and successfully
selling them for more. Latest deal? Vintage Danish Dresser, $15, turned around and sold
it for $120 without breaking a sweat. All it took was a good dusting, good lighting and a bit
of staging. I dare you to try it! I liked it, just wasnt quite what i thought it was.

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  1. HI Stephanie
    This is something I've been trying to do myself, but I wasn't sure how much I could charge for the finished peices. Could you send me some of your before and afters to me? Are you selling them on craigslist again?

    Email me at HonestlyOK613(at)gmail.com