Wish List Party

VintageJunky is having a wishlist party! I had to join in on the fun. I could go on forever, but I'll try to keep it minimal. :) This is my current list.
First and Foremost, a Range Rover.
Pepper mill from Ikea

PB's Emma Rug ( no longer made )
An Apothecary CabinetBellesol Mirror from Ballard
A hanging bed for my trellis ( or a upstairs somewhere...)
An address embosser ( random i know )
This track lighting for living room

Mirrored Advent Calendar ( they had them at Target last year...)

I need a pedestal table for my entryway
Sputnik Style Light for my upstairs
Marianna Glass Chandelier ( possibly for my bedroom )
My forever home to have an infinity pool and a view.
oh, and to have Jeff Lewis design my house, and Nate Berkus decorate too.

That's all for now, but of course there's always more.


  1. Oh good news! I was JUST at Target, and they have a mirrored advent calendar again. It's slightly different, but just as cute. It's $40 this year.

  2. gahhhhhh!!! You just made my night!!! Thank you :)

  3. i was just about to post saying Target had it again this yaer, but Mrs CFH2 beat me to it ;)