Latest Target Picks *the bedding and pillows are on clearance now instore*

Thomas O'Brien! I love the masculinity to this new line!
And Dwell, as always impresses me. However I didnt know Target carried a kitchen linens line!!

My friend Laura has this pillow in her home, and it's SO pretty in person.

This table could go nearly anywhere..
And last, but certainly not least, is this WAVERLY quilt. I saw it in person tonight, it's very well made and the stitch is so fantastic. I wish there were more colors, the black gathers every ounce of white fuzz.


  1. Wow, what great finds! I'm loving those black/white/yellow looks.

  2. Is that first image a rug or wall art?

    I'm looking for something to hang behind our bed that is lattice-like. Any ideas?


  3. It's a rug ( they are clicky )
    Grandin Road has a great panel:

  4. I LOVE that I made your blog!!! =D You are too awesome!