The "Mad Men" Bed

The above headboard, is from the tv series "Mad Men." It seems this show has brought back the tufted upholstered look ( if it ever was gone..) Even my client is drooling over this bed, what she doesnt know is I have my eye on some for her...So here are several different knockoff versions..

also can be seen at Cymax and JCP ( Rhonda Bed ) and Urban Outfitters


  1. Love these! I am partial to them since I have a tufted headboard - and the sides wrap around so it looks like a giant wingback chair!!! Candace Olsen design. I loooooove it.

  2. Ooooo what color is yours?? That sounds so great! Candace is pretty amazing..

  3. Mine is chocolate brown. You can sorta kinda see it here...