Ross Finds!

i have a small obsession with lanterns..and you can imagine my delight when I ran into these 2 beauties at ROSS. The tall one was like $11? And the short one was $8!! So i quickly replaced my silver ones and put them on the entry table with faux snow, flameless candles and cranberries.


  1. I love lanterns too! I have one hanging outside our front door with a candle in it. But I need to add the fake snow and a pretty Christmas ribbon. Yours look beautiful! Do you have the store "Gordman's" where you live. They have great prices on the lanterns, and they have great big ones to teeny tiny ones. That's where I've gotten some of mine.

  2. Ooo post pics! No we dont have that store around here, JEALOUS! We also dont have Home Goods, which i'm dying to go to.

  3. How funny, I just purchased these two at my Ross...I love it!