Babesta "hip baby clothes"

Those shoes are TOMS shoes, and for every pair you buy, they will donate a pair to a child in need. How great is that? Cute shoes too.

Newest Buy

I got suckered in and bought the white garden stool...and love it. They are everywhere now in several colors and designs. I even saw a gold one (yuck)


Above is Pottery Barn's Tripod Floor Lamp $299
Below is Wisteria's Metal Tripod Floor Lamp $449

Wisteria Sideboard

I Loooove this sideboard. It comes from Wisteria with a price tag of $499. I'm a sucker for blue, but on top of that, it's contemporary vintage look is amazing!


My newest favorite baby store is Crazy 8. I went in to look, walked out with $85 in apparel for my toddler, I was in heaven!! They are having a killer baby sale right now. Run!


Great Decorating Sale at Anthropologie!

Orla Kiely for Target

I've always said I wont be that mom with all sorts of mismatched acrylicware for my kid. I have a thing for "matching" and I've been searching for a set that I love...
and tonight I came across Orla Kiely's line for Target.
I bought several different patterns in the squareish plates for my toddler. They are funky and modern and I love! $2.49 and $1.99 a plate depending on the pattern. I also got square bowls to match. ( these are just a couple of patterns i got )

Lil nuggets has some great lil gifts in their clearance section, especially random guy gifts. ( just a heads up )

Also, I just ordered some more Amy Butler Fabric from with free shipping and code "3try8" and got 25% OFF! I saved $11.

ok that's all for now.

Target Global Wha?

No Target Global Bazaar??? How wrong is this???! Every February I look forward to my splurges on home decor from Target.
Instead they are doing a "Home Event"...sounds so bland.
But, Target and I are besties so hopefully they'll come through for us all with this event. *sigh*


Crate&Barrel Sheets

I looove these Crate and Barrel sheets, they come in 3 colors and also comes in a shower curtain which I'm eyeing..


I've been neglecting my blogs! So here we go.

I so so wish we had a Z Gallerie in Seattle. I'd die.
In the meantime....they are having an accessories and furniture sale.
They have Labrinth Print Pillows that are in right now, You can find a
similiar print at Pottery Barn in their drapes on sale right now.
Check out their lamps, they are pretty sexy swanky.