My latest online deal

Our painted porch/steps took a beating this winter, and I had to repaint it . So I thought I'd buy some stair treads for practical reasons and to save my paint job. I'm not huge into scrolly type stuff, but I thought these were ok, plus I needed extra wide treads. I got them HERE for $29 for 2, and entered code ENT2009 to get 20% off my order! Will post pics when they arrive.

Update: They arrived, and they are awesome. Heavy and much thicker than I thought, these are NOT flimsy.

Great Gift Idea

I stumbled across these, thought they were such a great idea. Find it HERE

Target Clearance Tables

Wood Side Table w/Metal Base $29!!!!!!! ( NOW SOLD OUT )
Acacia-Top Metal Side Table $55!!!

Umbrella Ella Ella Ay Ay Ay

I got this beauty for $79 at Grocery Outlet. ( 9ft offset umbrella that rotates )

Rainy Day Project

One of my biggest turn off/pet peeves is kids toys all over the living room. It drives me nuts for some reason, worse is when the toys are stored out in the open. I've had a large square basket under the coffee table for her small toys, but that isnt big enough for her books now. So I found these awesome antique wood boxes for $2 that I bought from my older neighbors that they had in their garage. I washed them out and then just stapled new fabric on the bottom so it'd be splinter free. For her bigger toys, I have this trunk I bought at an auction for $20 even before my daughter was a thought! So my challenge to you is, get rid of the big old plastic containers and use your imagination!