Huge Sale at Pier One right now...this is only a portion of the sale walls, but I have some good finds, like a white tea pot/cups/plate set for $4 ( was 20 ) and a nice serving pieces for $12 ( was $29 )

Cream and Sugar?

(above ) Duchess Sugar and Cream Set $5.95

Crate and Barrel Cream and Sugar Cartons $5.95


I'll admit, until now, I had never checked out HSN. So I came across a couple cute clearance finds.

set of 2 trays! $9.95

Wire Basket $14

Pottery Barn appears to be going back to their rustic roots. Their fall line isnt quite the contemporary edge as it was last year. I'm not a fan of rustic ( they are calling it vintage..) however, I'll forever be a fan of PB, so here are a few highlights...

They are highly priced, however, with a little DIY magic, you could come up with your own versions. And for the wine bottles, they are vintage french wine bottles I believe, and I have seen them in antique stores.

Pretty lil knobs

Anthropologie has some fantastic stuff, but I came across these cute knobs that are on sale right now! Click HERE They come in a few different colors too. $7.95

Clever idea

I adore this idea. This bright room divider makes the perfect headboard. Not only for the obvious color, but because of the texture. It'd also look cool to seperate them and hang them horizontally above the bed or in any room really.

Fabulous Mirror!!!

I'm not sure who the designer is of this, but I'm sure it's big bucks. However, It'd be so affordable to do a DIY on this guy. Pencil Starfish are elcheapo on ebay, just use a hot glue gun to a mirror and viola! A funky fresh mirror for your summer decor :)


I have fir wood floors. They are a pain in my arss to clean, I cannot keep up with them. I have dust bunnies the size of my head, and a toddler to add to the madness. Swiffer has not impressed me in the least bit. Between the prices of the refills, and the weakness of the whole system, I just dont like it.
So i bit the bullet and bought Bona. Say that 5 times.
Bona is a life saving floor cleaning system to me. It was $39 ( then used 20% off at BBB )..it comes with the "mop", cleaner, and microfiber pad, that you can throw in the washing machine! Talk about saving money. I also bought the fluffy duster that just attaches to the mop. My floors are so clean now, and I actually like cleaning them.

So here ya go:

Kitchen Face Lift

I've put my kitchen off for a year..and I finally couldnt stand the yellow anymore ( previous owners ) so I committed to paint and went for it. It feels so much lighter and airy in there now. All I left left is to paint the ceiling and put up bamboo blinds for the windows. I love my old built-ins, it even has a pie cooler/shelf thingy.
Total Cost? $40

Here are pics of the progress:


DIY Oil Rubbed Bronze

I've had the basic ugly cream ( old ) light switchplates in my kitchen, and I finally had it. So instead of paying $6+ each for new oil rubbed bronze ones, I decided to pay $9 in spraypaint and redo all 9 plates. They turned out pretty decent I think.
I primed it with Plastic Primer, Let it dry, Then sprayed them with dark espresso brown, Let it dry, Then lastly sprayed with Rustoleum's Antique Brass Spraypaint. You MUST wait til each layer is dry before applying the next.


I was featured!

Thanks Roeshel for featuring me! ( on my before/after office space )


Sale Alert! ( clothes )

American Eagle is having free shipping with purchase of 3 items ( includes shipping ) and all their kids clearance is $7.77

Also Express is having their box sale ( the sale online is greater, but you have to pay for shipping )
Online it's 70% off plus an extra 30%. In Store it's 50-60% plus the 20. Still great deals. I got a $40 sweater for $11. Also they have all these codes for like $15 off $60 etc. Enjoy! ( july 1-5 , express DOES do price adjustments w/ sales too )