What's the purpose of this?

This was an old shelf thing I found in a shed ( i started painting it THEN took the pic ) it was hideous though, oil stained, black/brown, over 75 yrs old.
I had nothing better to do, so i painted it. Now what? It just upstairs and holds magazines. Should I do something more to it? Legs? Another color? Purpose?

Love my dresser.

This antique dresser was originally in Bryn's first nursery. I bought it for $60, repainted and put glass knobs on it for her changing table in her room:

So it's been used plenty, and now it's sittin pretty upstairs, with no real purpose, other than to look clean. Not sure what else I'm going to put on top. I just tossed that pillow up there for color for now. Probably will put a mirrored box on it or somethin.

Fall Entry

Here's my entryway for fall

Coming Soon.

I've been slackin on blogging lately! I'm waiting for my new camera to arrive, then I'll take pics of all my latest projects. I'm excited to share, so hang in there with me :) Have a fantastic weekend!

PB Table Runner Sale

Great deal on THIS Pottery Barn Runner. Colors left are ESPRESSO and WHITE/IVORY..perfect for fall! Only $14.99 and $19.99 depends on length.

Burlap Stools

just in time for fall. this cost me nothing..i went down to my local coffee roasters ( Dillanos ) and asked for some of their coffee bags. I then cut it and simply re-covered my stools! ( there are 2 )

Table for 2

The newest edition to our dining room. Bryn's lil Ikea table, I got at a garage sale for $20, painted it ( free paint from Glidden ) covered some foam ( free, found it in the closet ) with polka dot fabric ( $3) to make lil pads. Brynlee loves it. Will take a better photo later.

My camera is busted, so I wont be posting pics for a bit, unless I find one to borrow. I do have lots to post about too!


I'm a busy bee at the moment. In the next week I'll be posting pics of my before/after stairwell ( w/ceiling medallions n paint job) also my diy (coffee sack )burlap stool makeover, fall decor, diy outside burlap pillows for my porch swing, guest bedroom/bachelor pad, and a few more things. So stay tuned! Sneak Peek:
I'm trying to hold back and not post "fallish decor" even though I've made 2 fall decor collages. I'm trying to wait til the first day of fall, 2 weeks from today. Dunno if I'll be able to make it though I'm SOOOO excited.