Lets be real...

I'm going to show you how far from perfect I am.

Dining room pic ( that was in the NEST MAGAZINE )
What you DIDNT see: ( plastic over the chairs, my cat went to town with her claws...)
What was:
I looved this popcorn rug, but after about 6 months of owning it, it shed like a beast, and my cat peed on it so many times, that I couldnt keep up with it. She thought it was a giant litter box. So I had to throw it away. Such a waste of $200.

I'll have more of these types of things to post I'm sure.

Wish List Party

VintageJunky is having a wishlist party! I had to join in on the fun. I could go on forever, but I'll try to keep it minimal. :) This is my current list.
First and Foremost, a Range Rover.
Pepper mill from Ikea

PB's Emma Rug ( no longer made )
An Apothecary CabinetBellesol Mirror from Ballard
A hanging bed for my trellis ( or a upstairs somewhere...)
An address embosser ( random i know )
This track lighting for living room

Mirrored Advent Calendar ( they had them at Target last year...)

I need a pedestal table for my entryway
Sputnik Style Light for my upstairs
Marianna Glass Chandelier ( possibly for my bedroom )
My forever home to have an infinity pool and a view.
oh, and to have Jeff Lewis design my house, and Nate Berkus decorate too.

That's all for now, but of course there's always more.

Tile Print..( again! )

Even Bed Bath and Beyond is jumping on the tile band wagon with these bath towels..

PB Sign

So this Pottery Barn Sign was $649...and is now $99. I dont know what's more shocking, the before price, or the after!? Good grief!

*edit* they must have had a glitch, because the "before" price is now $129. But still!

Great Scent!

I am verrrry picky with scents...but this one is my favorite Pier One Scent, "Oceans"...it's clean and does not give me a headache! The Diffusers are amazing, by the way...and currently the old design of them ( shown above ) is on clearance!

Here's my porch, I took it on a gloomy/rainy day but you get the point. More pumpkins to come :)

On another note, I love my nightstand. I love my grandpa, so there's his pic, I love my silver clock and lamp, and i found that little wood dish at a thrift store ( it was super junky and i refinished it ) for 99 cents. To show that I am human, I didnt realize it, but there's an ibuprofen pill under the clock. Forgot to edit that one out ;)

The amount of followers has nearly tripled in 1.5 months! Thanks to you all! Keep 'em comin.

Quick little redo

Ok this took 15 minutes to do, and I'm so glad I did it. The "before" built in medicine cabinet was this ugly mint green that was chipping away. I've been doing little touch up projects like this, and it's like a weight has been lifted...for little or no money spent!


GLIDDEN'S FREE CAN OF PAINT IS BAAAACK! Hurry, it ends October 16th
( this time you have to send them your form AND old paint label in the mail ( other than glidden ) to get it )

Medallions are done!

Finished my medallions finally! And when I opened the last little can of paint, which was my grandpa's who I love and miss everyday, I found a perfect heart. How wonderful :)

Clean Porcelain!

My kitchen sink was admittedly neglected for more than a few weeks *blushing*
My favorite combo of ANY 2 products is the Magic Erase with Barkeepers Friend ...it gets my
porcelain sparkling white.

BEFORE ( ew )


Anthropologie and PB

(above ) I strolled through Anthropologie today and thought these were cool pics to take. The Ostrich is totally made of newspaper...and the other pic is just bundt cake pans glued to a chalkboard
( bottom pic ) I was at Pottery Barn today, lookin at clearance and had to take a pic of this, it's a smart idea to hang the ladder, then hang lanterns from it. I love that look