CSN stores have a HUGE amount of bookcases , filing cabinets and organizers that has a huuge selection of office furniture to help you complete the look you are going for), home decor, dining accessories, you name it. It's packed with really fantastic finds. They have great brands like Dwellstudio, Galison and even Thomas Paul!
In the spirit of the giving season, and since my goal is to get organized, I'm doing a giveaway!
Before I go out and buy anything I must make a list and see visually what needs to be done. I want YOU to be inspired and organized too!

This Galison Weekly Organizer and file folders is what you need to get a jump start on a fresh organized new year.

To enter:

2. COMMENT : Tell me the best thing that happened in 2009
3. Do those two things by January 4th, 2010 at 10pm pst

I will use to select the winner, and you'll have THREE days to contact me!


Hey all! So my 2010 goal, that is totally doable, is to really focus on organization. Not only with organizing my schedule/life, but organizing STUFF in my house.

Here's my list, and I have to show you before and after pics as I accomplish every goal.

1. Buy quality tupperware/organize fridge!
2. Tackle my laundry room storage ( 1. shoes 2. recycling )
3. Declutter the large upstairs closet ( 1. toss junk 2. create playspace for Bryn )
4. Straighten kitchen cabinets ( including getting rid of unused gadgets/glasses )
5. Buy large tupperware containers for Bryn's "old" toys ( they are in bags now )
6. The biggest one of all, organize our storage/workshop ...i wont start til spring!

Roeshel's Bathroom Makeover

Check out my online pal Roeshel's bathroom makeover. She did SUCH a fantastic job. Her "rug" is actually hand painted onto the floor, isnt that so so smart?? You can find the tutorial HERE at her awesome blog.


Life got busy! So SO busy. I'll be posting another giveaway soon.

it's a joke...

Latest Target Picks *the bedding and pillows are on clearance now instore*

Thomas O'Brien! I love the masculinity to this new line!
And Dwell, as always impresses me. However I didnt know Target carried a kitchen linens line!!

My friend Laura has this pillow in her home, and it's SO pretty in person.

This table could go nearly anywhere..
And last, but certainly not least, is this WAVERLY quilt. I saw it in person tonight, it's very well made and the stitch is so fantastic. I wish there were more colors, the black gathers every ounce of white fuzz.

chandelier makeover to come..

(wow i'm on a posting roll, huh!?)
Ok so above is my bedroom, well, one side of it.
Below is the chandelier i'm purchasing for $20. My goal is to spraypaint it to ditch the brass.
Should I be bold, and go green? Or should I do white?

Be inspired by Morocco

In my "bathrooms" file on my computer, this has always been at the top of the list. It's a Ryan Brown Bathroom, and I am obsessed with this image, mostly because of the moroccan floor. It's so retro, but so modern at the same time. Here are some more inspiring moroccan tile floors...

or for ceilings:How about small moroccan tile, maybe for a back splash or bathroom? This is an understated clean version of the classic tile, but still makes a statement. The people at EdgewaterStudio know what they're doin.

Maybe real tile is not your forte? Try some moroccan tile rugs! ( I could post atleast 20 moroccan rugs I know of, but these are the latest to my "rugs" file...)

Morrocan can go on walls too!Someday when I am in my forever home I want to integrate Morocco into my home!

Ross Finds!

i have a small obsession with lanterns..and you can imagine my delight when I ran into these 2 beauties at ROSS. The tall one was like $11? And the short one was $8!! So i quickly replaced my silver ones and put them on the entry table with faux snow, flameless candles and cranberries.

The "Mad Men" Bed

The above headboard, is from the tv series "Mad Men." It seems this show has brought back the tufted upholstered look ( if it ever was gone..) Even my client is drooling over this bed, what she doesnt know is I have my eye on some for her...So here are several different knockoff versions..

also can be seen at Cymax and JCP ( Rhonda Bed ) and Urban Outfitters

Antique finds * updated *

I found these sweet lamps at my local antique shop, and even though I dont have a spot for them at the moment, I think I must give them a home.
The first one is only $7... The second is $15.

*edit* They marked them up after I left! No joke. The little one was $18 and the big one is now $32. But I ended up getting the little one. It's an amber color, not red.

*edit* I bought the small one and put it on my piano :)


I got these wonderful initial ornaments from Pottery Barn ( not available online )..they were back in the dining area, wrapped around the necks of wine bottles. I needed to personalize our stockings, and this was an easy cheap way to do it! They are cheaper to buy these ( $2 ) than make them I believe.

Personalized Subway Signs

Hey all! I'd like to pimp out my friend Monica's Etsy Store. A lot of people I know are always on the hunt for a subway sign, but like the one's at Restoration Hardware, they are $$$. Instead, why not have them personalized with streets or cities you like or grew up on? My girl Monica can do them for you. High quality, gorgeous creations. Prices range from $99-$210!!
Go to !
Here's some pics of her work:

Opinions Please !

Hey all, so this is my current entrytable and stools, should i stick with the burlap for Christmas or move back to the brown velvet?
ps. i despise the color of the table, i think i'll post about it later, thinking about either staining it or painting it somethin....

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