Chic Ikea

Believe it or not, Ikea has some chic items to choose from. I could never do my whole house in ikea due to most of it being that shiny fake lacquered look, and lack of textures, but there are some good pieces you could build on.

Like the Billy Bookcases w/glass doors:

Or the Mongstad Mirror for only $99 ( i have 2, and love them )
This is a fun new lamp they have for $69

And the famous Ung Drill Frame

The Trollsta Sideboard

This bedroom has the Edland Bed and dressers/nightstand
And of course the Hemnes collection, which is actually really sturdy.

The Hemnes dresser is favorite. I have it in Bryn's nursery and it's not only sturdy, but the drawers are big and lined with pretty striped paper.

I like this shoe storage cabinet too, would work well in mudroom if you are short on space.


  1. Thank you for posting the Ikea shoe storage cabinet! We have been looking for a skinny table like this for awhile! I think we've found a solution!

  2. wow! These are amazing. I swore off Ikea years ago, but now I think I will have to go back! Where are these pictures from? I never knew Ikea furniture could look so chic.

  3. I like to get the pine IKEA pieces and paint or stain them for a more custom look.


  4. I am with Amy!! I have been looking for an entry way solution!! THANK YOU for finding this!!

  5. I had seen this mirror and not bookmarked it. We just found out we're having a little girl and I'm so excited to think of painting the mirror and putting in her room. There are so many fun colors to choose from with her Amy Butler fabrics!