I finally got an electric sander ( for Christmas, thanks Dan ) and I'm hoping to use it on a dresser redo. Now, to find the dresser. It's been hard to find a dresser that is over 34" high and LONG, and old. I dont want anything new. I currently have a World Market pair of dressers and I'm over them! Ok I'm going to stop rambling now.

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  1. Okay, this makes me laugh b/c I have been begging my hubby for that exact sander for close to a year. I repainted our front door last year without it, and I haven't been happy b/c it really needed to be fully sanded down to nothing. Ever since then I have been suggesting ways I would use the hand sander around the house in addition to the front door. My b-day is next month so I may just ask for it then. If you can get it for x-mas, I can get it for my b-day.