Spotlight on: Save-on-crafts website

This website is one of my top favorites. It is huge, and has insanely great prices. Here's a few ideas of things to buy. Starting out with vases and fillers. Soaps and sponges in jars for the bathroom? Shells for the living room? They'e got it all. Even craft ideas and preserved flowers. Check it out!
( click on pictures for links ) Enjoy!

Square and rectangle vases in several sizes for cheap, as well as different sized apothecary jars! And PLENTY of things to fill these vases with, including these:


And much, MUCH more. Like several sizes of LED Candles ( wax illuminaries )

birch sleeves and natural branches



  1. I love SOC...used it SO much for my wedding stuff!

  2. I also love this website! I purchased numerous things that I DIY'd for my wedding from here. Great prices and great quality! good call!

  3. I love this website too! I bought all the tulle for my wedding from Save on Crafts. I actually saved a ton of money!