More Marshalls Finds...

Here's just a few more things that caught my eye during a quick trip to Marshalls, I'll post more soon.
Marshalls now has several different framed corkboards now, for really cheap, anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99 depending on the size.
I really wish I had a need for these right now! These shadow boxes are lined with padded fabric on the inside, so you could display jewelry easily, or other mementos. Comes with hooks on the back to display on the wall, only $9.99


  1. I love Marshall! I was just there yesterday! :)

  2. i love shopping marshall's too. you have such a great idea for a blog-i am a "dealaholic" too!

    and i LOVE the chandelier in your banner!

  3. The corkboards are awesome. Thanks for posting. Need to get to a Marshalls ASAP.