Time for another random post

You should see my decor bookmark list, it's insanely long. So in order for me to "clean it out" I'm going to post them here, it'll be randomness, but it's just things i've bookmarked because it pleased my eye... I counted 26 Rug links, I wont be boring you with those today :)

1. Ruby and Stella Home Pillow cases on etsy

2. A very pretty DIY cupcake tree that I love because it has maps!!  w/tutorial
3. This amazingly clever kid/teen room
4. Yet another great etsy pillow seller ( color and scheme )
5. Graham and Brown Wallpaper
6. This $195 huge lantern I'm eyeballing..
7. Target Sea Plates set
8. Vintage Printables

9.  Betta Fish from Z Gallerie
10. Nena Von's Pillow Shop on Etsy ( lots of trellis and tile prints )
11. Farmhouse Canvas Buckets

12. Edgewater Inlaid Tile
Ok, glad that's done. Those are old ones , makin room for new bookmarks!


  1. My bookmark list is the same ;) Love those Etsy pillows :)

  2. Love the canvas bags! Now it's my bookmark!!

  3. Totally understand the bookmark fetish, the hubs thinks I'll end up crashing the computer some day with the amount I have saved ;-)

    I'm off to check out some of those fab pillows.