Wine Racks Picks.

The riddling rack.During the champagne-making process the wine bottles are set in a riddling rack ( french ) and twisted each day to gradually send the sediment toward the mouth of the bottle where it is eventually frozen and then removed It's quite popular, and quite expensive. Anywhere from $100-$1000. But it'd cost you maybe $30 ( if that..) to make! Here's some pics of them:

Target's 9-bottle wine ledge $29

Pottery Barn Holman Shelves

Shesham Wine Rack from Crate and Barrel ( they stack up ) $29


  1. Just found your blog (where have I been?!) and love it. As a bargain shopping queen myself, I love the concept. Easy to get bogged down w/ some of these other blogs that only feature high-end this and that, that none of us blog readers can actually afford! Can't wait to read more.