Beverage Dispensers

Speaking of summer...I have a thing for beverage dispensers. So here's a few for ya..( there are tons online...)

Home Wet Bar's
Ginny's Double Dispenser w/stand
Horchow's Square Dispenser
Horchow's Ceramic Dispensers ( diff colors too! )
And finally this one from Pier One, that I own. It's a bit small for my taste, but I still love it.


  1. I also love beverage dispensers!! I need to get one, because every summer I eye them up and have never bought one. I think I will finally get one this year!

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  2. I too love the look of a beverage dispenser. I got one at Target last year, but it leaks horribly from the spout :o(

  3. I love beverage dispensers, too! They always dress up a party. I just wish they didn't take up so much storage space!

  4. oh these are so fun, i love the bee-hive shaped one and the square one!