Can I talk beauty for juuuust a sec?

Over the last couple months I got 2 emails from readers Lisa and Amber, wanting to know what my favorite beauty products were. So I thought I'd share briefly :)

1. I do not stick with one shampoo/conditioner. I think this is a big reason as to why I have healthy shiny hair ( if i do say so myself ). If I start to get buildup, I'll wash my hair with beer ( yes beer, gross ) or soak my hair in vinegar to strip out the old buildup. Otherwise I buy what's on sale and take my vitamins :) I do love Paul Mitchell and Pureology, but I only buy it like once a year.

( these are clicky )

2. My faaaavorite mascara EVER is Lash Stylist my Maybelline. It's a comb. Bloody brilliant.

3. I stick with MAC for my eye makeup for the most part, including their fluidline and paint pots. Love.

4. Maybelline Lash Curler

5. MAC concealer

6. EveryDay Minerals Powder for Foundation

7. Cinnamon Buns by Philosophy 

8. Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

Everything in between is usually drug store stuff like Revlon.

My money saving tricks are as follows: I buy things i love in bulk on ebay ( best bang for your buck usually ) AND I try to buy my drug store makeup at Rite Aid always, since you can return used makeup that you dont like.

Now can you help me?? Can anyone truly recommend a eyelash growth stimulator product? Especially something under $100? I've heard Latisse, and LiLash but they are $$$.

* and now back to your regularly scheduled program*


  1. I use Careprost for my eyelashes. It's a generic form of Latisse. I was nervous about ordering it at first (no prescription necessary, but it ships from overseas), but I did. And when it came (about 2 weeks later), I took a bottle into class and compared it to my instructor's bottle of Latisse. EXACT. SAME. INGREDIENTS. I paid $10 per bottle. I ordered it from ...

    I've been using it for about 7 weeks and I am noticing a difference in color (my lashes are black now) and length.

  2. loreal is making a lash booster that will be in the drugstores soon!

  3. I use Revit-a-lash (however it's spelled) and I purchased it on for $100. I think it works great.
    The gal who does my waxing also uses it and she swears by and says it's the best.