Kaufmann and Waverly

So these are just a few of my bookmarked fabrics for summer. They are Kaufmann fabrics and Waverly Fabrics ( they make great indoor/outdoor fabrics too )
Not sure which ones I'll use yet, but some would make great upholstery or drape fabrics too.

Kaufmann Hip Chocolate
Waverly Lenox Apricot
Waverly Grass ( comes in other colors too )

Waverly Black Lattice ( other colors too )
Waverly Flamingo ( other colors too )
Waverly Nautical
Kaufmann Florian
 Kaufmann Suzani Jewel

Kaufmann Batik Ink

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  1. Funny, I've been looking for fabric for new curtains for the past week, and I have loved every single one of the fabrics you posted. I'm thinking of the Waverly quatrefoil one for my living room. I love the lattice ones but can't seem to find a color lattice with a white background instead of the lattice being white on a colored background.