Things I want right NOW.

This exact hutch.
For Pottery Barn to bring back the Emma Rug
For West Elm to bring back the tile rug
Landscape Lights
This ridiculously priced PB ledge ( $349 )...actually, just give me an original antique one
LePoeme Pillow from Ballard..
The Marjorie Skouras Design turquoise chandelier...I'm determined to MAKE this someday. I must have it. But not for $6,900..
To be laying on our wonderful canopy bed at Sunset Beach Mexico ( cabo )...but I must wait til July. ( this is one of the actual beds )
One can wish.

Schoolhouse Electric

The next project in my house is the bathroom lighting/mirror situation. I've just been putting up with what I got, but I'm tired of that! I'm embarrassed to post the before pics, until I get the afters :) Since our house is 100 years old, I want to mix the old with the new. So I'll be getting a framed mirror and a 3-bulb schoolhouse vanity light ( which I am still shopping for )

In the meantime, checkout Schoolhouse Electric.

Here are some great google images ( and some images from SE )

Clam Shells and Coral

I have a small obsession with seashells and coral. In fact, I just bought 2 more large white coral pieces ( yes, the real thing ) to place around the house. I cant get enough.
I havent put out my shells quite yet ( I display them in glass apothecary jars in the entryway ) but what I'm reeeaaallly wanting is a giant clam shell. Anyone wanna buy it for me ;) ? The one I want is at Z Gallerie and Ballard. There actually are several real ones on ebay as well, but they are $$$.

DIY Outdoor daybed...soon to come

I've put indoor projects on hold for a while, since we've been so busy with the yard and gearing up for summer.

My  next project will be the biggest DIY project I've done. I've never cut a piece of wood in my life, but thanks to Ana at, I feel the urge to build.
So the next project is to build daybeds for the backyard. We entertain fairly often, and have NO seating in our backyard. We are having a big ol' party in June and I thought I'd better get goin on this.
Here's a few examples as to what I'm goin for, hopefully we'll start this project this week. Hubby and I will be building two...

Pioneer Woman!

I did it! I met the wonderful, truly BEAUTIFUL, Ree Drummond and her daughter. Marlboro Man's Mom was even there :)
Ree is seriously so sweet, and obviously funny, and so so pleasant to be around. I reeeallly hope she comes back to Seattle. I lurve her. Look at her!!!

and her sweet daughter , who was running around with her mommas camera. Seriously, she is her mother's daughter, look at how cute she is. (sorry, so blurry, we were reallllllly excited to get a pic, thank you for the pics Alicia! )

Ree Drummond!

Guess who I'm meeting today!! The Pioneer Woman, my favorite redheaded female. Hopefully pics to come !

Ballard Knockoff

Looky Looky....a version of the Le Poeme Rug from Ballard can be found at Home Decorators, for sure not the same, but fairly close. Price wise, slightly cheaper at HDC.

Polypropylene Mats and Rugs has a great assortment of funky and bright poly mats. Indoors for the mudroom or laundry? Outdoors for the picnic area or porch?

Overstock has quite a few also:

Home Decorators Online also has some great new ones..

Abbot Area Rug ( 2 colors )

Ballard Designs...
Grandin Road


I'm looking for plates or trays of the Coral Reef Melamine Line from Target...My Target's are sold out, and cant find them online. They look like this:

If you find it, can you contact me??! I'm willing to pay for it and shipping and a lil somethin!

The TRAY number is : 065151577


My love for Missoni runs deep in my bones. If I was wealthy enough to have a microwave and wine chiller in my friggin closet ( see post below ) you better believe that my closet would be adorned by Missoni.
I so wish I could find a legit knockoff of their blankets and cushions. But in the meantime, this is what I got..
The wannabe's: ( that are not even close to the quality, but you get my point )

Bed Set
Pillow ( Missoni's "cushions" are hundreds of dollars )
Throw Blanket
Dash and Albert Rug ( Missoni's rugs are over $3,000 )
Kid's Blanket ( i may have to go back to crocheting )