Current Projects

Today's project, although cold and windy, is planting rounded boxwoods in a row in this front flower bed area. It's blank now ( that azalea is gone ) and I got a killer craigslist deal on 11 boxwoods, so  a few will go in front, a few on the side of the house and some in back.

I also will be stocking up on Hydrangeas for the backyard, as well as  some flowering groundcover for a small spot in back.

Last night I put together a dresser, took 3.5 hours. Did I mention that I HATE putting together furniture? But I didnt screw up or have to start over at all, so I can only complain a little. Pics to come ( it's for my master, got rid of the dark espresso dressers )


  1. Okay, so seriously...hydrangeas are my favorite flower - we have two bushes, but I can't ever get more than ONE flower bunch on each bush!!!! What am I doing wrong? I have green everywhere but budding in only one spot! I'm assuming yours grow...what do you do?

  2. Karin, really?! Well, being in the valley, i've got super great soil. However, I cut them WAY WAY WAY back in the fall/winter. Like way back. Every year they get bigger and bigger after I do that. I also have tried coffee grounds, and fire ash, it changes them color and fertilizes them!

  3. Well, I've NEVER cut them back...maybe that's my problem! :) Thanks for the tips!!