Moleskine Journals/Notebooks

I needed a journal for Doula birth records, A new personal journal, and a sketchbook for design stuff...I headed to Borders, and to my pleasant surprise, I found them ALL in the bargain books section for less than $4.99 a piece. They are the bigger ones too! ( retail for $15.95 )
Random post, I know, but it's all a part of me getting more organized in my daily life. Maybe you'll benefit from this post!


  1. love random posts. :) and yay for getting organized. in a pretty way hehe.

  2. My husband keeps moleskine journals in his pocket to keep notes. He has several larger variety that he uses as journals for wine, fishing, fly tying, household fund, etc.

    He reminds me each time he buys a new one that Hemmingway carried them and wrote his books in moleskine before they were typed.


  3. LOL Audra, smart hubby you've got there. I didnt know that about Hemmingway, very interesting :)

  4. My husband loves moleskines too. He writes down all his ideas for research that he would like to undertake one day.
    Have fun organising.