Pioneer Woman!

I did it! I met the wonderful, truly BEAUTIFUL, Ree Drummond and her daughter. Marlboro Man's Mom was even there :)
Ree is seriously so sweet, and obviously funny, and so so pleasant to be around. I reeeallly hope she comes back to Seattle. I lurve her. Look at her!!!

and her sweet daughter , who was running around with her mommas camera. Seriously, she is her mother's daughter, look at how cute she is. (sorry, so blurry, we were reallllllly excited to get a pic, thank you for the pics Alicia! )


  1. Awesome! I have her cookbook, and everything is yummy that I have made so far.

  2. I met her when she came to Houston. I was so nervous...I adore her!

  3. It was so fun to meet her! Glad you had a good time!