Things I want right NOW.

This exact hutch.
For Pottery Barn to bring back the Emma Rug
For West Elm to bring back the tile rug
Landscape Lights
This ridiculously priced PB ledge ( $349 )...actually, just give me an original antique one
LePoeme Pillow from Ballard..
The Marjorie Skouras Design turquoise chandelier...I'm determined to MAKE this someday. I must have it. But not for $6,900..
To be laying on our wonderful canopy bed at Sunset Beach Mexico ( cabo )...but I must wait til July. ( this is one of the actual beds )
One can wish.


  1. I Love it all! You can totally make one of those chandeliers! Good luck with baby making!!

  2. If you do make that chandelier, I totally am requesting a blow-by-blow DIY how to photo instruction on your blog. It is gorgeous!

    BTW, I'm a first time poster, but I've subbed to your blog via bloglines for quite a few months now, book marking quite a bit. We're in the market to purchase our very first home, and as we get closer, and start making it our own, I'll likely post with more frequency. Love your blog!

  3. FrontPorch- good luck on your home search, that's sooo fun! I'll do a blow by blow for sure. I'm looking for the frame right now.

  4. is that last one that you want to be pregnant or you want to be DONE being pregnant??

    sorry...I don't know! =)

  5. Oh I love that West Elm rug!