Sorry no posts lately...

I've been busy doing this:

 The pavers above had a rough winter. I edged around them ( not done yet ) scraped all the moss off, and then scrubbed straight bleach on them, and in one minute they were white again.

And working on the lawn. It had a rough winter too.


  1. How did you lay those pavers to begin with? We have an area that I want to be done JUST like that but am not REAL sure how to start...THANKS!!!

    p.s. have you been trying long?

  2. ok, b.c you don't really talk much about your personal life I am you have children already? You just want more? or you have none and want one? =) am I nosey??? I am sorry...just confused!! haha

  3. lol first off, I have a 2yr old daughter who was conceived via IUI. So we are trying again with fertility's a long process :(

    For the pavers, it's best to get grainy dirt or sand to lay them down in the cutout of the lawn, so you can level them easier, make sense?

  4. omg Miss...i just realized who you are. Your sis Rach is a dear dear friend of mine. We went through IF together. I'm in WA, and got to meet her in MN a couple years ago. I love your family!

  5. SERIOUSLY?!?!? That is CRAZY! What is your name? =)

    back to the lawn pavers...=) you cut out where you want the pavers? and then put the grainy sand in? then the pavers? is that right? How do you cut out the grass?


  6. lol Steph is my name :)

    And yes you have that right about the pavers. Get an edger ( electric or manuel, whatever ) and make a slightly bigger square than your pavers will make ( like leave an itch or less around them ) and just tear the grass out making it flat, add just a tiny bit of sand, just enough so you can level it out.

  7. looks great!! i want to put in pavers in our next house.. thanks for the tips via the comments! :)