Speaking of summer...

I started putting up the summer decor in my house ( most of it was out somewhere, but I'm bringing it out in display spots now ) It's this warm weather that got me in the mood :)
And ended the day with pink lemonade in a jar. Bliss.


  1. Loving the big beach hats on the wall!

  2. Hour home is beautiful! Where did you get the scroll sign?
    - Danielle

  3. Decorating for Spring and Summer is so much fun!

    Where are those lanterns from? Do you think they're weather-proof? I would love to purchase something similar for our deck!

  4. Lanters were a clearance from TARGET years ago, I got them for $5 each. No joke. They'd rust in the rain though :(

    Subway sign was Pottery Barn a few years back