Wainscoting vs Beadboard

Ok, not really vs, because I like both of them. I'm likely going to put beadboard in my laundry room, because I have an enormous ( for a laundry room ) long blank wall that needs a high beadboard, not chair rail, I'm talkin bring it up 6 feet high.
In the meantime....


BEADBOARD: ( I like to see this in closets and bathrooms, personally )


  1. I think wainscotting is actually considered those rectangular mouldings on the wall, and the ones you pictures are call board and batten. I happen to love both board and batten and beadboard and plan to add beadboard ceilings to our family room, which has board and batten walls, that way I get both LOL.

  2. They are only a few factors to think about when seeking the proper beadboard wainscoting for you. It is possible to choose to create a sound uniform search or alternate diverse colors to get a quirky arty twist. Irrespective of what ornamental technique you select a beadband is ideal for both decorating and safeguarding your wall.

  3. I think beadboard is more popular to many homeowners. A perfect beadboard wainscoting is really great when it installed properly. Best of luck for your project.