I have a confession to make.
When looking at magazines, or watching design shoes or whatever, instead of looking at the picture as a whole, I dissect it in the way that I can tell you where most of the furniture/decor items are from. I was sitting here watching "Color Splash" on HGTV, and 75% of the stuff I could tell you where it's from, and how much it costs.
Same goes for movies. Sometimes I cant even enjoy the movie because I'm thinking about why the director chose that direction, or angle, or wonder how he described the scene to the actor. I'm always thinking about the background. I love to know how things work.

That's all.

Stay tuned for Ugly Monday.


  1. I also pick out where stuff is from on Design shows. Sometimes I'm like oh, maybe I should get that item from such and such, it looks cool. Or I think, seriously you are a big name designer and you can't pick out something cooler than half the stuff in ZGallerie?

  2. I DO THE SAME THING! Its funny how much Ikea shows up in these shows or how makeovers will use the same rugs or accessories.

  3. I drive my husband crazy doing that. Its nice to know I'm in good company.

  4. ME TOO! During Sex in the City 2, I was swooning over the Ann Saks tile (even though I didn't know that particular style, I knew it was the brand! And yes, I watched Color Splash Miami and did the SAME thing! It's a bit crazy, that's for sure. :)