Ugly Monday. Pier One, Fail.

Ok I'm the girl that HATES scrolly things. So for me, this is furniture suicide.
It's the Pier One Quentin Console. It's even worse because it's got a price tag of $500.

Not enough for you? Here's a yoga frog lamp from Pier One. $45.


  1. Ok the lamp is where I draw the line.

  2. lol...I AM a scrolly lover and I STILL hate that table! And that lamp? Seriously?

  3. Here, here! I see scrolls and I see people not dusting the furniture b/c it's too much work.

  4. I will agree on the scroll table--ick. But I find the lamp somewhat whimsical and charming. Sort of. :-)

  5. hahaha ... made me laugh!
    Just found your blog and love it.

  6. ok the lamp is a classy FOR A FROG LAMP... ppl who like frogs would love it AKA ME! like so much so that i'm ASKING you if u just saw it or if u know someone who doesn't want theirs LOL i wanna buy it! saw it at a friends house- he wouldn't sell it - looked on ebay- not there- found it on pier 1 but says 'out of stock' but i don't think they carry it at all anymore. i would REALLY like one!!! haha y'all must all hate me!

    lol sorry!

    k thanks : )