2 yrs of home ownership

2 years ago we bought our first home. The first pic is moving day, and yes, that is my daughter in her bumbo on the porch, picking at her toes. The second pic was taken days before we moved in, the floors were beautifully restored and shiny. ( so not what they look like right at this moment ) It's lost quite a bit of value thanks to the market, but we dont care. We are so content here :)

The house we rented before this home, was right around the corner ( google shot, sorry so blurry ) The lawn was green when we lived there ;) It was very small inside. 2 tiny bedrooms with a jack and jill closet, 1 bathroom, our laundry unit was in the kitchen, and our living room barely held our furniture. But this is the house I was very pregnant in, we brought our daughter home to. We paid $1250 rent. Today, it has a finished upstairs that added a master and master bath.

Before the white house, was this red craftsman we rented from the same friend,owner. It had 2 bedrooms downstairs, a very large livable attic room and 1 more bedroom upstairs. To the right of the house was an enormous pumpkin patch, we loved that. The house had a big problem with sugar ants in the summer, and in the winter we had to put plastic on the windows and have a dehumidifier to keep the heat from being so moist. It was always a struggle, but still we liked it. Our rent was $950, We were fresh out of college, I found out I was pregnant in this house, My husband got his first real job offer  in this house. It is no longer there. They demolished it, and the homes behind it to put in a freeway.
Before the craftman, in 2005, we lived at my husbands dorm. It was for young marrieds, it was our first place together. It was a one bedroom loft style townhouse, 492 square feet. I wish I could find my pictures of it, I'll keep looking. It was just so small, but it was all we needed. Poor college students paying $3300 a semester to stay here, with all their wedding gifts to help them start off their lives :)


  1. Wow you've lived in some awesome places! I bet your house value will go up again, especially after all the work you guys have put into it. It's such a gorgeous house!

  2. I remember you posting about all the rentals except the college one and all the D&R you did to make them so cute! Congrats!

  3. It is always amazing to look back on the places we have called home. Love your little corner of the world.