Ugly Monday

Welcome back to Ugly Monday. JCP has provided us with some, well, interesting products, I'm doing 3 this week.
First off, we have the lovely 4 piece Italia Fruits with Tray for $79.99, the description says it's an ornate tray that holds 3 DELECTABLE fruits. Tell me, please, for I must be blind, what is delectable about baby poop colored fruit? Furthermore, they look like they are starting to rot.

In corner number 2, we have a 4' Capensia Bush with basket for $60. First off, JCP carries multiple fake plants/trees. I am 110% against faux trees/bushes. I think they are hideously tacky. One might say, well I cant have real plants because I kill them. Well guess what, I used to be a black thumb, but after finding the right indoor plants for ME ( low maintenance ) I'm a green thumb now. Just say no to these dust collectors. They scream dated to me.
And finally, the winner in my eyes, A Wicker Lamp for $72. The description reads..
"adds the rich texture of wicker to warm up your d├ęcor." Really JCP? Really? I doubt this stark white catastrophe will warm up any decor. Stark white doesnt do it for you? It'll darken your space with a black one too.