Bed Bath and Beyond

I cannot remember the last time I was at BB&B. I have a stack of their coupons, probably like you, but just never have a reason to go. Although i am out of my Bona Floor Cleaner...guess I have a reason to go now, and check out these somewhat surprising items:
Hanging wire basket $29

Set of 3 Planters $29( could be used for plants, tools, toys, would be pretty with moss in it...)
Gourd Lamp $29 ( clearance )...similiar to PB's Alexis lamp at $105..
Jute Rug $19 ( out of stock online, but may be in store ) Popular diamond pattern seen at PB and Ballard..
Spinning Wire Utensil Holder $19 ( You could also put small vases in them for flowers, or condiments or ? )
Metro Signs $59 (everyone wants a piece of these! These are small though, 16x32 )

I adore this mirror, however it's $191. Yuck.
And, ps. this DKNY quilt is at my Marshals for something like $40 or $50. BBB has it for $149 ( some with colors too )


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have been needing a mail sorter/holder for our mudroom entry, and this would be perfect!

  2. Isnt that SO cute! Glad you found somethin to work :)

  3. I like that spinning utensil holder a lot. It feels like I'm always emptying the dishrack of utensils - this would be the perfect solution. Plus pretty.

    I like pretty.