Cheap and Free Finds

I went to World Market tonight, so glad I did. They have some really fabulous things there that arent online. I've never bought cloth napkins before, but there were a few there that I'm tempted to buy to make for pillows.
In the meantime, I bought this clearance Ikat Fabric Charger for $3.50. I'm lovin it. Not sure where it'll go, but I know I want more..

On another note, I got this lil bench ( that was made from a twin bed ) for FREE. I'm currently shoppin around for outdoor fabric


  1. Please share about your fabric shopping. I have a coffee table I want to use as an outdoor bench and I've never bought outdoor fabric. Not even sure what to look for. I'd love to see what you choose and where you found lovely patterns.

  2. Where did you find that black and white striped pitcher? Love it!!!