Dining Room Progress

It's here! Home Decorators shot me an email saying it'd be another 1.5 months til I received my rug, and they gave me $20 back. So my little heart leaped out of my chest when it arrived this weekend.

Sorry they are so dark! The quality of the rug is very good, it's very soft and plush.

Next up, the windows. They havent had treatments in almost a year. Yikes. So I am going to be bold and make striped black and white roman shades. I'll be ordering the fabric here because the price is right, and I've searched locally and cannot find a wide striped decorators fabric.
So they'll be similiar to these:

I have hints of black and white stripes here and there throughout the house, including my favorite pitcher ever


  1. Yay! I LOVE the rug in there, it's perfect! Those roman shades are going to look awesome too, great choice!

  2. LOVE IT! and i think the striped window treatments will be fabulous!

  3. The rug looks amazing!! I cant wait to see the room with the new curtains