Furniture in waiting..

So check this out. I bought this mid century dresser at a estate sale for $20. I had intentions of doing wonderful things to it, but alas, it sits in our huge spare bedroom upstairs as the tv stand. It's kinda the room where things go to die. Yes, *gasp* I, Have a room like that. It's my winter time project, gimme a break. :)
It also comes with a small side table that matches.
So, my friends, lemme hear your ideas. It's needing to be painted. I'm not going to stain this beast. It's gotta be a bold piece in this room upstairs.  I've got 2 ideas in my head, I wanna hear yours. Ready, Go. ( ps. lovely veneer finish )

Or......option number 2, sell the thing and make a prophet. Get another antique chest.


  1. I like to paint everything white. Drives my DH INSANE!!! He will say you can buy that as long as you don't paint it white. lol

  2. Paint it red and add antique bronze hardware. I have been dying to do that to a furniture piece, so I will live vicariously through your project!

  3. Paint just the drawer fronts white. I did something similar with my dressers:

    I know you said you don't want to stain it, but Young House Love did a really pretty white top/dark stained bottom on their craigslist dresser.

  4. Not sure if you've done your dresser already, but I think all white or all black- and I'd personally use spray paint. Then add antique drawer pulls- nice big glass ones.