How I earned my Rug

I've been patient ( which is a big deal ) and my patience paid off, literally.
This is how I got my Martha Stewart rug for zero dollars out of my bank account. Ready?

I sold on ebay:
$60 Target Gift Cards- I earned these for doing a health survey online for my insurance
$50 Pottery Barn Gift Card - I earned for spending through my bank's debit card
$50 Coach Wallet that I never used, it was a gift
$60 Olive Garden Gift Card- They sent me this after leaving feedback on their site!!
$80 Pottery Barn Item - was a gift years back
$35 Pottery barn wreath - I bought this $99 wreath for $4 on a christmas clearance, never used. made profit.
-------paired with--------------
15% off Home Decorators Code ( knocked off $59 )

$11 Bing Cashback in my account
$60 for design work

= $406 i earned in 2 weeks without hardly breaking a sweat.
The rug costs $399, ready to order from Home Decorators!


  1. I can't wait to see it in your house!!!!!

  2. Yeah, you are amazing. You have a serious talent my friend!!

  3. I've had my eye on a rug from homedecorators for a while now, would you mind sharing the 15% off code please? Thank you!

  4. That's awesome! The rug is beautiful.