Martha Stewart Rugs...and knockoffs

Home Depot, Amazon, Home Decorators, Macy's, Neiman Marcus and SEVERAL other websites carry Martha Stewart Rugs. Here are a few picks/deals. I seriously dont MEAN to pick the blue ones, it just happens :)

Martha Stewart Fretwork 8x10 rug @ Home Depot $379!! other colors too
Here's Martha's Bloomery Rug @ Macy's for $149
but dont pay the Macy's price, pay the Overstock price of $50!
Martha Stewart Astronomy Rug $172 at Rug Studio
But dont pay Rug Studio's price, pay Overstock's price at $105!

How about Martha's Terazza rug @ HDC for $1049
but buy it here at Shades of Light for $898


  1. I read reviews before purchasing rug, looking a little purple and decided to take my chances anyway since the price was pretty good. I am going to purchase the cheapest one :) Thanks for the list

    Easy Rest