Ok, back to design.

Back from Mexico, with lots of inspiration, a bit of clarity, and a long list of to do's that I'll be sharing with you.

I've talked about my love for spanish influence in sinks HERE and for more foreign inspiration from Morroco, here

Our resort was exquisite. Here's a few shots.
Lets start with that incredible..INCREDIBLE backsplash for the fireplace. I die. Secondly that wonderfully chunky, yet so rustic chandelier.
This was our room ( below )..I dont really need to say much, the headboard says it all.
Overstock and a few other sites have similiar headboards, by the way.

And our bathroom with shutters over the bathtub into the bedroom

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  1. Oh how much fun! You made the bed look so much better by removing that blue blanket! Thanks for sharing!